Our Story

Jungl was founded by Omar Farooqui in 2017 in Dubai, UAE as Coded Minds (rebranded to Library21) with the vision of providing a 360 fully integrated K12 hybrid education delivered digitally at disruptive price points for high impact in the frontier markets.

Our journey has taken us from an after-school skills provider to a fully integrated blended learning system catering to teachers, students, and schools through B2B, B2G & B2C. Jungl is now on the cusp of exponential growth vertically as well as horizontally going from EdTech to a digital ecosystem solving a frontier market household problem of quality education, healthcare, and financial inclusion. Jungl is backed by credible and reputed institutional investors which include Alarabi Investments, 8 Eight Roads, and Avalon Ventures.

A Gateway to


We make it easy and affordable for people to
access world-class education, finance and well-being
through a connected ecosystem of smart solutions that
work for many, not just a few.

For those that have felt inhibited in the past, we will inspire and
guide them to live their best lives – to prosper, to thrive and to
create an impact on the world.

The Future is


We’re inquisitive by nature, so we’re always learning and experimenting to perfect our approach.

We’re guided by the community we serve, always striving to add value with the solutions we create, beginning with the fundamentals of learning through JunglLearn and progressing to include pathways to financial independence and improved access to healthcare through JunglBank and JunglHealth.

We see our role as the facilitator of change, investing in the latest technologies to build an ecosystem of solutions that work together to provide liberation and support for those that need it most.